AP34 Annual.

Design of the 2018 American Photography annual.
The photograph on the dust jacket, by Stephen Voss, is of three senators listening to the testimony of Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The  dust-jacket has die cut holes and peeking through, printed on the hard cover of the book, is a photograph by Marcus Yam of the fires in California (2017).

Above: back and front cover of AP34 with dustjacket.  Photograph by Stephen Voss.

Above: back and front cover of AP34 without dustjacket. Photograph by Marcus Yam.

Above: photograph by  Bryan Anselm.

Above: photograph by Dan Burn-Forti.

Above: photograph by Jennifer Emerling.

Above: photograph by Louie Palu.

Above: photograph by  Michel Leroy.

Above: photographs by  Jamie Kripke.

Above: photograph by Marcus Yam.

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