A cast cement coffee table with a top composed of 16 handmade  tiles, manufactured by Huguet in Mallorca. Holes in the table base allow the owner to  rotate, move and swap tiles to create a nearly infinite* number of compositions, making the table an ever-changing installation.

Three sets of 16 tiles were designed as part of this project.  Beyond the context of the coffee table, individual tiles from each of the three tile sets can be arranged in endless combinations to create unique patterns as floor or wall tiles.

Part of the Huguet x Pentagram project which saw seven partners from Pentagram’s London and New York Studios  join forces with Astrid Stavro and Huguet.
The table is available  to purchase. Enquiries here

*The green and black set has  21, 939, 135, 329, 599, 488, 000 (or just shy of 22 quintillion) possible combinations.

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