The New York Times Magazine. The New York issue. June 5, 2016. Design of a special New York-themed issue of The New York Times Magazine about life above 800ft. The issue was turned 90 degrees in order to make the most of it’s tallest dimension.

Above:  photograph by Jimmy Chin.

Above left: photograph by Matthew Pillsbury. Above right: photograph by  Christopher Anderson.

Above: photographs by Christopher Anderson.

Above left: photograph by Christopher Anderson. Above right: illustration by  Brian Rea.

Above right: photograph by Jack Davison

Above left: photograph by Jack Davison. Above right: illustration by  Brian Rea.

Above: photographs by Matthew Pillsbury.

Above: photographs by Thomas Struth.

Above: photographs by  George Steinmetz.

The  New York Times Magazine
Design Director: Gail Bichler

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
Deputy  Art  Director: Ben Grandgenett
Designers: Claudia Rubín, Rachel Willey
Deputy Photo Editor: Jessica Dimson
Associate Photo Editors: Stacey Baker, Amy Kellner, Christine Walsh

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